Why Is Andrew Jackson on the 20 Dollar Bill?


Only the United States Treasury knows the answer, and they haven't historically offered explanations why any particular US statesman is featured on various forms of American currency. The inclusion of Andrew Jackson is somewhat ironic, as he was against the concept of printed money.
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Andrew Jackson is frowning on the 20 dollar bill is because
Americans, you may note, are incredibly protective of their currency. We still use essentially the same bill we've used for decades, despite advances in anti-counterfeiting and the
Because the sumbitch was a genocidal criminal, that's why.
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Andrew Jackson was initially put on the 20 dollar bill to mock him, it was done by later administrations who knew he was totally against paper money and the National bank.
The only people who know the real reason that Grover Cleavland was taken off of the $20 and Andrew Jackson was put on to the $20 dollar bill is the US Department of Treasury, and they aren't telling. They say it is there policy not to reveal the reasons behind who is on what bill. You can find more information here: en.wikipedia.org
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