Why Is Bill Parcells Called the Tuna?


Bill Parcells got the nickname, the Big tuna, after attending a press conference. His players tried to con him to do something and he jokingly said, do you think I am Charlie the Tuna? You can find more information here: http://www.chickenortuna.com/snacks.php?page_code=106
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It began in 1980, when the Cowboys coach was a linebackers coach for the New England Patriots. Apparently his players tried to sucker him with a Thanksgiving gag about a free turkey
Bill Parcell's aquired the nickname "Big Tuna" from a team joke that happened while he was
Mike, Hi. I appreciate the question. Why do they call Bill Parcells "The Tuna?" Well, I'll let Parcells explain it in his own words which are taken from a 1997 press conference
Answer A player made a bogus statement and Parcells responded to him "Who do you think I am, Charlie the Tuna?" (A reference to the cartoon character from the Starkist commercials
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Bill Parcells is former NFL head coach. He is nicknamed The Big Tuna because of the shape of his physique. It was a team joke that started when he was a linebackers coach with the New England Patriots. As of December 2012, he is a NFL analyst for ESPN.
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