Why Is Biodiversity Important?


Biodiversity is important since it provides us with crucial resources like fresh air and clean water for our daily lives and because it is basically our life support system. Biodiversity is the variety of life, all living things around us; the plants, animals, insects in our forests, mountains, rivers, seas, gardens and parks, right down to the things living in our soils.
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Biodiversity maintains a healthy biosphere and provides direct and indirect value to humans.
Biodiversity allows for a rich array of microbes, insects, plants, birds, and animals. Communities are interested in promoting and preserving biodiversity for several reasons. Ecosystems
In addition to showing respect for other living organisms on our
Often times we think about the desert as a sandy place with just cacti, but the desert is really a place with a lot of biodiversity. Many different plants and animals have adapted
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There are several reasons why biodiversity is important including the survival of many species that require a variety of genes (including humans), better chances at recovery from a natural disaster, and research and cultural values. You can find more information here: http://www.globalissues.org/article/170/why-is-biodiversity-important-who-cares#WhyisBiodiversityImportant
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