Why Is Caillou Bald?


Caillou is popular children's character. His features are illustrated on children's books which are published before the TV series. Caillou has jokey appearance with no hairs on his head.
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BS! they can too. apparently, it causes many of us grief! we Americans dont care what Caillou means in french! and if he HAD hair, i can assure you, we wouldnt even question it!
First of all, Calliou did NOT have cancer just cause someone has no hair doesnt mean that person has "cancer". Second of all Caillou means PEBBLE in french not "baldy
Caillou is a Canadian children's television show based on the books by author Christine
Caillou is bald because this feature makes him different. But this was made to make children understand that being different is normal.
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