Why is Charles Krauthammer in a wheelchair?


Charles Krauthammer is in a wheelchair due to a swimming accident while he was a freshman in medical school. He dove off of a diving board and hit his head on the bottom of the pool. This caused him to sustain injuries that put him in the wheelchair. He did not, however, let that stop him from achieving his goals. He continued in school, graduated, and did a three year residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. After completing his residency, he decided medicine was not the route he wanted to take. He then moved into public policy.
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During his first year of medical School, Dr. Krauthammer dove into a swimming pool, and hit his head on the bottom. He has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Most people don't
Charles Krauthammer dove off the diving board at a swimming pool and hit
romney is a decent guy,according to his sons,he really did no want to be prez, his loss was our loss,he was,and his brave wifey,great human beings,had he the drive,and a bit of character
In battle against the Shadow King, Charles broke his spine, leaving him disabled and in a wheelchair.
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Charles Krauthammer is confined to a wheelchair due to a diving accident which occurred during his freshmen year at medical school. After diving into a pool, he hit his head on the bottom and suffered permanent paralysis.
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