Why is chlamydia called "the clap"?


"The clap" is a nickname for gonorrhea, not for chlamydia. According to News Medical, multiple theories exist that attempt to explain the origin of the nickname. One claims that "the clap" refers to a clapping sensation experienced while urinating.

News Medical lists another theory that traces the origin to a medical treatment in which the penis was clapped on both sides. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the origin of this sense of "clap" is not precisely known. The first recorded use of "the clap" to refer to gonorrhea occurred in the 1580s. The Online Etymology Dictionary provides two possible etymological origins: the Middle English "clapper" and the old French "clapoire," which meant brothel in its slang extension.

Q&A Related to "Why is chlamydia called "the clap"?"
Chlamydia is not the clap; gonorrhea is.
The Clap refers to a Gonorrhea treatment used to clear the urethra of bacteria,
Not Medical Advice: Chlamydia is not called 'the clap', this slang term is used to refer to Gonorrhea. The term clap for Gonorrhea is originally derived ..MORE?
maybe it refers to the sound that female and male genitals make when they "clap" together. just a guess
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