Why is Corporate Finance Important to All Managers?


Corporate finance is important to all managers because it effects the decisions to be made concerning business enterprise, the analysis and tools which are therefor to be used in making sound decisions with. They are to get the greatest value while balancing any financial risks. You can find out more information here: en.wikipedia.org
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Why Is Corporate Finance Important to All Managers?
Corporate finance is a basic component of how a business is run. All managers should keep this in mind to direct funds to the optimal division or product in a company. In addition, managers should understand how their company is financed and whether it... More »
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The most important reason for managers to understand corporate finance is the concept of return on investment (ROI) over time. This term is calculated by subtracting the gain on investment
Because positive financial outcomes is the ultimate goal of most for - profit organizations, hence, it is of most importance to understand the financial outcomes of your decision
Managers of a company must know the finance of a company as this help managers to know the health of the company and can act accordingly with a common guideline .Suppose a marketing
I agree with Paul that culture is hard to define but easy to see.
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