Why is data validation important?


Data validation is important because it ensures that the information input into an application to be processed falls within the accepted boundaries of that application or that particular function. Without validation, the information processed by an application or system would be inaccurate, unreliable and possibly damaging to a business or even to a person’s life.

Data validation is the process of verifying that all the data that an application uses is valid. This data may comprise user input variables or data from files or from a database. Validation ensures that this data conforms to a stipulated standard and is in an acceptable form. For instance, if a data entry program is collecting first names to be input into a database, validating the entries ensures that only letters are input into the application and not numbers.

Data validation procedures are usually written into the application. They range from simple letter or number validation procedures to complex algorithms such as those used in banking systems. There are various types of validation procedures available, including field level validation, form level validation, data saving validation and search criteria validation.

Data validation is even more crucial in systems that accept virtually every type of input, notably many Web applications.

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