Why Is Diffusion Important?


Diffusion is important because it is vital to life on earth and it is required to keep the air mixture constant. It is also required to keep the ocean flowing correctly and living organism bodies functioning correctly.
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In order to conduct the day-to-day activities of daily life, all cells must transfer essential ions and small molecules across semi-permeable plasma membranes. Ions are atoms or molecules
Diffusion is essential for cells to bring nutrients and releasing wastes WITHOUT spending energy. This is accomplished by the "urge" of a system to achieve equilibrium,
Diffusion occurs throughout the human body, and without it, cells and body
Diffusion is defined as the process by which molecules spread from areas of high concentration, to areas of low concentration. It is essential for cells..MORE?
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Diffusion is important for cells to live because it allows them get nutrients and release waste without having to use up any of their energy.
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