Why Is Ecology Important?


Ecology is important because it helps us to understand nature and how it works. It also provides evidence on the interdependence between the natural world and people. Understanding of ecological systems will allow society to predict the consequences of human activity on the environment.
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Birds of prey help keep rodent populations balanced. Raptors feed at the top of many food chains. Mice, field rats, rabbits, squirrels and other rodents, as well as fish, insects,
Though rainforests only occupy 3% of the earth, they contain over half of the world's species, most unaccounted for. Rainforests are huge hubs of biodiversity- unlike anywhere else
Every living thing would not be here today if it were not for bacteria.
For the ecological validity of a cue in perception, see ecological validity (perception). Ecological validity is a form of validity in a research study. For a research study to possess
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Ecology is very important because it provides valuable information on how humans depend entirely on the natural world. And it lets us know of the consequences that humans cause the environment and how to make significant changes.
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