Why Is Gene Simmons Tongue so Long?


Gene Simmons, of the rock-band Kiss, has a tongue that most would be pressed to equal the length of.The cutting of the sublingual frenulum, the fold of soft tissue under the tongue, permits increased mobility and gives the appearance of increased length. It is believed he has had this procedure.
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Gene Simmons's tongue is long because he got an operation to remove the web underneath his tongue to make it longer.
This question was asked on his website, and according to Gene Simmons himself,
According to reports, Gene Simmons has a long tongue because he had his sublingual frenulum cut. After this procedure, the tongue will look longer than usual!
I heard somewhere that he cut that part right under the tongue, I don't know what it's called, to make it long. Try wikipedia.
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It is rumored that Gene Simmons tongue is so long because he had his sublingual frenulum cut. This allows the tongue to look longer than usual and improves mobility. Others believe that he was just born that way. The only person who really knows, is Gene himself. You can find more info at: www.whyguides.com
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