Why Is George Jones Called the Possum?


George Jones had his nickname ?The Possum? because of the shape of his nose and his facial features. His 1993 music video ?One More Last Chance? was among the first times he was called this nickname.
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In George Jones' own words: "I had an album out with a side view of me with a crew cut. I was very young, and my nose looked more turned up, and I've got little beady eyes so
He looked like one in his younger days. Edit- No Show Jones was skipping a concert to guess what? get drunk and my friend's Grandfather was there drinking with him.
He earned his nickname,No-Show Jones" after missing numerous concerts
I know that George Jones is known as NO SHOW JONES, for missing over 50 concerts in 1979, but I am curious as to where the Possum name comes from and who gave him the name. I thought
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George Jones is called 'The Possum' because of his facial features, especially the shape of his nose. Jones is a legendary country singer. He was born on September 12, 1931, and was married to Tammy Wynette.
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