Why Is Global Warming Bad?


Global warming is bad because it makes the sea rise and once the sea rises, the water fills many low land islands. Global warming also results to acid rain which destroys many forests. Wild fires are also a result of global warming.
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global warming is bad because it is killing our earth by melting icebergs and icecaps. yes people might say it is good because it keeps us from freezing to death. But we need to conserve
"Global warming" is the term scientists have given to the rising temperature of the earth's surface and oceans in the last 200 or so years. Certain scientists and politicians
Objectively speaking, any environmental change should have both positive benefits
Increase in global temperature equates to melting polar ice caps+rise in ocean levels, also temperature increase means more severe storms (increased hurricane/tornado strengths)
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Global warming is bad because it causes places such as Alaska and Antarctica to melt down snow. These areas have snow year round and are habitat for polar bears and penguins. They might become extinct if it gets too warm.
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