Why Is Graphite a Good Lubricant?


Graphite is a good lubricant because of the way the molecules are structured. It is the stable form of carbon and shares many similarities with diamond. It has a sheet like structure where all its atoms lie on the same plane and are weakly bonded to the sheets above and below.
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Lubricants reduce friction between two surfaces. When two surfaces have too much friction, they might not be able to move. By adding lubricant, mechanical systems are less susceptible
Graphite works well in lubricating key operated locks such as, pad locks, door locks and ignition locks.
Graphite is a good lubricant because it has greasy characteristics. It serves as a
because of the week bonds between its layers that is why you have it in your pencil as well.
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Why Is Graphite a Good Lubricant?
It is interesting to note that graphite is used as lead in pencils for writing purposes and as a good lubricant in heavy and light bearings--in its dry form as well as after mixing it with grease and oil. Due to a difference in the atomic structure,... More »
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Graphite is considered a good conductor because it has a high electrical conductivity and it is in general a substance rich in loosely-held free electrons. It ...
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