Why Is Gravity Important?


Gravity is important since without it, things, human beings included would just be floating or drifting around. The gravity of the sun is what keeps the planets attracted to it allowing them to orbit the sun and thus giving us day and night.
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Without gravity, there would be no atmosphere to skydive in (or breathe! All the air would simply disperse into space. The pull of gravity gets weaker, the further you are from the
If you're looking for a single, undisputable, correct answer you'll be waiting a long time. The most accepted explanation (the Standard Model) will tell you that gravity is one of
Specific gravity of urine is an important health indicator. High
Gravity is the most important in the Universe to form a stable solar system. Then it has highly importance for the living bodies on earth. If the earth becomes loose his gravity then
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Gravity is important because it holds things in place and keeps things close to their core. Without gravity, people would be floating through the air towards space, where no one could survive! Gravity keeps us close to Earth, happy and alive!
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