Why Is Greenland so Sparsely Populated?


Greenland population is dense since most people traced their origin back in Europe after the colonisation. The remainder Danish descent population is of Inuit. Greenland is also held by a challenge of cold climate and isolation.
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Greenland is a cold place, somewhat resembling Antarctica. It is winter all-year round, and its lowest recorded temperature is -66°C. It is difficult to build an igloo or a house
New France, which is now Quebec, Canada, was sparsely populated because of
Been there 5 times on holiday. It is basically barren volcanic rock. There are virtually no trees due to harsh winter and winds. The "earth" is only a few centimetres thick
It is sort of a savage place to live.. as for it being clustered, there are ONLY a few places where people can live in Greenland and the rest vast areas are uninhabitable
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Greenland is sparsely populated due to the nature of its extreme climates. A vast majority of Greenland is frozen over and inhospitable. Most Greenlanders live in inlets in the far south-western coast, where it's warmer and there's access to the sea.
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