Why Is Health and Safety Important in the Workplace?


It may seem obvious but health and safety in the workplace is extremely important, not only because it protects employees, but also because productivity increases when workers are happy and healthy. In addition, there are laws that protect employees and require training. Employers should ensure their workplace is free of hazards for their work environment and set up training programs so everyone is aware of company policies and best practices.
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Safety is everyone's responsibility. However, management is responsible for the formation and implementation of safety and training programs meant to keep employees safe and well.
Health and safety in the workplace is important because no one wants to be hurt, or made sick by the work they do, and because preventing injuries and illnesses in the workforce saves
It is not for nothing that organizations stress on good working conditions, healthy workplace environments and safe working practices. There are strict laws about this in many countries
Ethics in the workplace are important because it creates a secure and content work environment. While at work there are certain guidelines that should be followed to make sure that
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Why Health & Safety Are Important in the Workplace
Employees are the most important resources of an organization. An employer has legal responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of its employees and others on the work site. A safe and healthy workplace has low risks of injuries or damage to... More »
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