Why Is Homework Good?


Homework is important as it is at the connection between home and school. It acts as a window through which a parent can observe his or her children's education and put across positive attitudes towards children and their education.
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Homework is a good thing because it helps to reinforce the information that the student learns in class. It also ensures that the student is studying outside of class, which is very important.
Homework is good because it helps you practice what you need to know. You will need that for tests. You can so more of your work at home so that you can take the time to under stand it.
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Homework is school work that you take home to do. Some teachers give students a lot of homework, and some do not believe in giving too much.
1. Turn off the TV. Concentrate on homework without distractions like TV, telephone calls or friends. Listen to the radio if it helps you study. If you find you're spending more time
Homework is practice work that the teacher assigns to help you learn the material better. Some kids finish this at school, but it's still called "homework" because most
1 Realize that a good education is important. Forget that 2 hours of homework you may get. Many people in the East go to school for 14 hours a day, just reading and studying to build
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It is my experience that it is good to do homework because it allows you to gain further knowledge on any topic of study. It also teaches you a discipline that ...
Some of the reasons why homework is important are; it helps for more rapid progress in learning, it can form an important part in the pupil’s notes, it helps ...
The argument over homework being good or bad is one that many parents and administrators get into. Homework can be both a good or a bad thing. Homework is good ...
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