Why is homework good?


Homework is good because it gives students a chance to practice and internalize information presented during classroom lessons. It also encourages parents to get involved in the student's education. In addition, according to the Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations, homework gives students the chance to work at their own pace so that they learn the material better.

Homework is an essential supplement to class work. There are fewer time constraints, so students are free to spend as much time as they need to practice and learn the material. Students can focus on the individual parts of the homework that are the most difficult without worrying about holding the class up during the actual lesson. Students are less likely to feel rushed and therefore do better quality work.

Homework is a great way for parents to get involved. When students do not understand a concept, parents have the opportunity to help them, which helps strengthen the parent-child bond. This also gives parents an easy way to keep track of how the students are doing in class and what is being learned during school. Students who take the time to explain concepts to their parents further internalize the information.

In addition, homework teaches responsibility and time management since students are expected to finish the homework and turn it in on time. Without the teacher watching them, the responsibility to do the work falls to the students themselves.

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