Why Is IBM Called Big Blue?


IBM is called the big blue because of the new features that it has added such as features to I7.1's compiler tools which allow them to create applications without using the legacy green-screen protocols.
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No one knows the definitive answer why. There are some theories (quoting Wikipedia here) One theory, substantiated by people who worked for IBM at the time, is that IBM field representatives
In the late 1970's there was a well know TV commercial for Brillo soap pads. They claimed that Brillo was better than SOS soap pads. In that commercial, the Brillo pad was referred
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I don't know, but it was blue when I was first trained on International Business Machines equipment by the U.S.A.F. in 1966. I suspect it goes back to their original color choice
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Do you want to know why IBM is referred to as Big Blue. Well, in the late 1970's, there a tv commercial for Brillo pads claiming that Brillo pads were better than SOS pads. The commercial referred to the Brillo pad as the Big Blue(the color of the pad). Then IBM began to be called Big Blue as a funny takeoff on the Brillo commercial by the mainframe computer people at the that time.
Actually, the way IBM got the nickname 'Big Blue' is still considered to be a sort of mystery. It is believed that company's large size is where the 'big' part comes from and the blue is thought to be from the logo of the company, which is, in fact, blue.
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