Why Is Iron Age Called Iron Age?


The Iron Age went by its name because it was characterized by the prevalent use of iron or steel. This archaeological period generally came after the Bronze Age and coincided with other changes in society that included differing agricultural practices and artistic styles.
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most of the iron got used then.
Time Frame. The earliest beginning of the Iron Age was in southeastern Europe and the present-day Middle East about 1200 B.C. Geography. In ancient China, the Iron Age began about
The organization of history into the Three-Age System was proposed originally by a 19th-century Danish archaeologist Christian Thomsen. While Thomsen was organizing artifacts for
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The Iron Age which is the period just after the Bronze Age earned the name due to the prevalent use of iron in the industries and elsewhere during that period. Iron had just been discovered and even though it was inferior to bronze, it was more readily available. The decline in supply of tin also made bronze difficult to manufacture hence iron and steel were the other ready alternative. The Iron Age brought about a change in agricultural practices and social life.
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