Why Is It Hotter near the Equator?


There are a number of reasons why it is hotter near the equator. The chief factor is that the sun is at a rather slant angle at the poles when the sun is overhead at the equator. Another factor is absorption and scattering of sunshine as it passes through the atmosphere.
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It's always hot near the equator because the equator always get direct sunlight whether it is summer or winter because it's near the middle of the earth. So that means that Peru is
It is all due to the earths axil tilt of about 23 degrees. This means that the sun's radiation which warms the earth will have further to travel and therefore pass through more gasses
The earth's temperature is hotter at the equator and colder at the
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The equator is generally hotter than other parts of the Earth because it receives direct sunlight year-round.
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