Why Is It Important to Go Green?


When you go green you help to maintain the equilibrium of the environment. Global warming, land pollution, air pollution and other such environmental hazards are all lessened when you go green. You can find more information here: www.gogreeninitiative.org/content/WhyGoGreen
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Using green products is a good way to minimize exposure to toxins, like harmful chemicals in building materials or dangerous pesticides in food. By purchasing green products you encourage
Embracing a "Go Green" lifestyle isn't just about helping to preserve equatorial
"Why do green?" Well, humans are overusing the Earth. We have a right to use it, like any other animal, but we are over using it. Biodiversity is lowering and pollution
We live in a closed biosphere, we only have one planet and we need it to live. Despite what commercials say, going green isn't about buying the latest gadget or bamboo linens, it
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Why Going Green Is Important
Going green seems to be the gospel these days, with corporate America embracing the term and putting an added emphasis on green marketing. Beyond the hype, there is valuable substance in this trend. Legitimate green products and companies can form the... More »
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