Why is Jamey Sheridan wearing an eye patch?


Jamey Sheridan is wearing an eye patch due to an ailment called Bell's palsy. Bell's palsy is a facial nerve disorder which causes one side of the face to be paralyzed and this left Jamey's eye open hence the need for the eye patch. Jamey Sheridan is an American actor who was famously known for his role in the television series 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'.
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When Capt. James Deakins first appeared in the precinct with his face partly contorted and one eye covered with a large black patch on the May 1 episode of NBC's Law & Order:
1. Acquire an eye patch. 2. Put the eye patch on one eye. 3. Adjust the strap so that it falls behind your ear. 4. Make sure that you can see out of your other eye.
You might want to add quick switches from on-deck to under-deck. It is night vision the old fashioned way. Embed Quote
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Because his right eye is blind, caused by broken glass when he was an infant. ...
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