Why is mass important to Catholics?


Mass is the form of worship taken in Catholic services, centering on the remembrance of the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary. Mass is an integral part of life experience as a practicing Catholic within the Catholic Church.

Mass is a central practice within the Catholic faith because it satisfies two central Biblical commands, one from God and the other from Christ. The Catholic Education Resource Center explains that Catholic mass is meant to follow the Old Testament command to honor the Sabbath as well as the New Testament command of Christ to commemorate the Last Supper.

According to the official website of Pope Benedict XVI, there are four basic rites of mass, each equally important to the practice of faith. The Introductory Rite begins with a priestly procession, followed by a communal hymn and the chance for members of the church to confess. The Liturgy of the Word follows, involving a communal reading of the Old Testament. The third part is known as the Eucharist, during which time the entire congregation partakes in the Holy Communion. The final part of mass allows the congregation to reflect upon the Eucharist, followed by a brief reading and prayer from the priest before dismissal.

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Catholics gather in church to attend Mass because worshiping together as a group strengthens and professes their faith as Christians. Catholic men may become bishops, priests, deacons
It is important to Catholics because it clears them of sin Also because it replenishes there soul !
Hi there, I am a Catholic and here is why Mass is important to me. Please do not pay any heed to that rubbish about collections, everyone seems to have an axe to grind these days.
Mass is just the name of the Catholic Church Service. Church service is not just important to Catholics, but to every person who believes in their faith. From a Christian point of
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Why Is Mass Important to Catholics?
Mass includes the Holy Eucharist, one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic religion. The Eucharist is bread and wine that God transforms into the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ during the Mass. For devout Catholics, the sacraments are important ... More »
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