Why Is Math Needed in the Field of Nursing?


Math is needed in the field of nursing to calculate the dosage of medication that is given to a patient. Most of the maths used is ratio and proportion. They also use maths when drawing statistical graphs of success rates of treatments or epidemics.
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The reason understanding math is so important is because the wrong dose could mean death of the patient. According to All Experts, that is why it's so important nurses know how to
It depends what kind of nursing. It is pretty much used in all nursing.
There's a lot of math in nursing. When my daughter was in nursing school, she said most of the other students couldn't do the dosage calculations. If you're too lazy to learn math
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Why Is Math Needed in the Field of Nursing?
Mathematics is needed in the field of nursing mainly because of calculating dosages. It is used every day by nurses who need to figure out the correct dose of a medication for a patient. If a medication error occurs, it could spell disaster, both for the... More »
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There are several reasons why math is needed in the field of nursing. For example, math is very helpful when determining the doses of medicine patients should receive. Math also helps when reading a patient's charts.
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