Why Is My Aloe Plant Turning Brown?


Red and brown or reddish brown tones on Aloe Vera can be a result of too much sun, excess water, or root damage. If the entire plant is turning into a yellow shade, then it could simply be lacking sunlight, hence not able to produce enough chlorophyll.
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Succulents are in the cactus family, meaning very little water is required. Aloe vera plants will need very little water and do not prefer long periods of bright sunlight. Aloe vera
Do you have it by a window? It could be that it's too cold for them. I notice mine do the same thing when it gets too cold.try a greenhouse or a warmer location. Hope this helps.
I bought my Aloe Vera plant 6 months ago and kept it inside throughout winter. Now the weather's been nice I've been putting it out in the hot sun but it seems to be going ...show
Aloe vera leaves develop brown spots during winter due to effect of frost.
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Why Is My Aloe Vera Plant Turning Brown?
It is never a good sign when the fat green leaves of a potted Aloe vera plant, commonly called medicinal aloe, turn as brown as a brown thumb, but no need to weep or gnash teeth. Medicinal aloe is a survivor plant, and you probably can remedy the damage... More »
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The aloe vera plant will turn brown from excessive watering and frost. They need little water. The plant will recover once the problem is corrected.
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