Why Is My Back so Itchy?


Your back is so itchy because you might be having some stress. In addition, the back can be itchy because of an allergy. It is therefore advisable to seek immediate medical attention so as to ascertain the cause of the itch.
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Honee, there is quite a few things it could be. I don't know if you have examined your back in the mirror, but you could have a heat rash. If you are athletic at all and sweat in
is embarrassing and even painful sometimes, but it's also an unavoidable fact of life. In this video, Dr. Oz explains why some people have particularly smelly .... Read More »
It may be the result of a rash, or bug bites. Are there any bumps or welps?
There are many causes for itching, these can include: Skin conditions eg eczema. Allergies (commonly to nickel or soap powder) Scabies. Insect bites. Fungal infections (athletes foot
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