Why Is My Back so Itchy?


Your back is so itchy because you might be having some stress. In addition, the back can be itchy because of an allergy. It is therefore advisable to seek immediate medical attention so as to ascertain the cause of the itch.
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There are many possible reasons why your skin feels itchy. The itch may be a result of an insect bite, or an allergic reaction to your clothes or cosmetic products. Skin dryness and
According to veterinarian Robert J. Silver, pruritus (excessive itching) is the second-most common reason why people take their dogs to the veterinarian. (A gastrointestinal disorder
I think u should go to the doctor but u can also try this u should tk a little amount of coconut oil and kapoor mix them nd apply it on your back but before applyng ths u should tk
There are many causes for itching, these can include: Skin conditions eg eczema. Allergies (commonly to nickel or soap powder) Scabies. Insect bites. Fungal infections (athletes foot
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