Why Is My Back so Itchy?


Your back is so itchy because you might be having some stress. In addition, the back can be itchy because of an allergy. It is therefore advisable to seek immediate medical attention so as to ascertain the cause of the itch.
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Often an itchy scalp can simply be the result of dry weather, sensitivity to chemicals or dandruff. Even harsh chemicals in your laundry detergent can cause a dry and itchy scalp.
well ive noticed that my back only gets itchy wen i dont put lotion on it cause it is really easy for it to get dry and irritated. putting on lotion especially medicated ones for
There are many causes for itching, these can include:- Skin conditions eg eczema Allergies (commonly to nickel or soap powder) Scabies Insect bites. Fungal infections (athletes foot
it may be worms go to your doctor and ask for advise though thats always the best thing to do if your unsure about something
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