Why Is My Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow?


Your bamboo tree is turning yellow because it may be drying out due to lack of water or due to much sun. Other reasons include too much cold, toxic water, old age, mites or even fungus. When a bamboo stem turns yellow it should be cut so as not to infect other healthy stems.
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When bamboo stalks turn yellow there is very little you can do for the plant. The bamboo either has been inundated by chemicals in water or fertilizer, has been overfed, or has been
Lack of nitrogen can causes leaves to turn yellow. This can also be a natural process of growth. Repot the plant and apply a nitrogen based feed.
"Yellow leaves are caused by too much fertilizer or too much light. Yellow stalks are usually caused by too much fertilizer. Changing the water was the best way to handle this
Wrinkling happens when a healthy plant doesn't receive enough water through it's roots. This can
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Why Are Leaves on My Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow?
Bamboo is a versatile plant, used as food, building matter and ornamentation. From the grass family, bamboo is a relatively easy plant to grow, but if your leaves turn yellow, there are few culprits that could be to blame.... More »
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