Why Is My Butt so Big?


The reason why your gluteus maximus muscles (butt) are huge is because these muscles are used to control movement of your entire trunk and legs. These are the largest muscles in the human body and are indispensable in locomotion.
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Coz da bruvva lyk a lil junk in da trunk ya dig?
There are many definitions for word butt. If you are referring to the buttocks, not all are
1. Wear pants that are bootleg or flare at the bottom. Pants tapering at the bottom only draw attention to the size of a behind. Flaring at the bottom draws the eye away from problem
1 1 : Squat excersices. Squats will not only make your butt firmer and bigger, but they'll also strengthen your legs and help make your chest seem a bit bigger. 2 2 : Try to walk
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