Why Is My Cat Always Hungry?


It is not normal for a cat to be hungry all the time because it is an animal capable of surviving several days without food. The different causes for a cat to be hungry include pregnancy, appetite and health conditions like diabetes and hyperthyroidism.
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All cats have different appetites due to size, health and the amount of exercise they get. A cat living outdoors in all weather will usually need more calories as compared to a cat
It could be a sign of hyperthyroidism or diabetes in cats. You should consult a
When cats receive their meals at regular intervals, they shouldn't always be hungry, sometimes they just eat because they are bored very much like humans, a certain cat I know thinks
My six year old cat seems to be of healthy proportions. He is fed 3 oz of premium quality food - (natural balance) - twice a day. In addition, he also sometimes eats 1-2oz of baby
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Why Is My Cat Always Hungry?
It is not normal for an adult pet cat to spend most of its waking hours eating. Most cats have appetites that are easily sated; pet cats can go days without eating just because they do not seem to be hungry. However, if a cat is constantly eating and... More »
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Your cat is always hungry because it may have diabetes. If you are noticing that the cat has been losing weight, this could be a sign of diabetes. Talk with your Veterinarian about this problem.
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