Why Is My Cat Lying in His Litter Box?


You cat is sleeping in the litter box to communicate something to you. First the cat may have medical conditions such as urinary tract problems. Secondly, the cat could be could be guarding the litter box in case you have several cats. In addition, the cat could be sleeping in the litter box because it wants security or wants to take care of the litter box.
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Urinary tract disorders can cause a cat to sleep or lie in its litter box. With a urinary tract infection, cats may feel a frequent need to urinate. This leads some cats to stay in
Cats usually hiss when then feel threatened. The person posing the original question didn't cite whether the cat was male or female, but I would imagine that a male cat would hiss
1. Place a shoji screen in front of the litter box. Japanese shoji screens can be purchased new or at flea markets and tag sales. Although most people use shoji screens as room dividers
Presuming the cat has already been litter box trained, there are several reasons for going outside the litterbox: The litter box is dirty. There should be one more litter box than
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A cat will lay in his litter box because he associates the litter box with security. He might not know where his next meal is coming from, but he knows his litter box will always be there.
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