Why is my cat throwing up and not eating?


Cats who throw up and are not eating may be suffering from kidney disease, according to the ASPCA. The ASPCA explains that cats with kidney problems are unable to effectively excrete waste products, leading to a dangerous build-up of toxins in the bloodstream. Acute kidney problems occur suddenly, while chronic kidney problems develop more slowly, according to the ASPCA.

In addition to vomiting and loss of appetite, kidney disease in cats can cause excessive thirst, excessive urination, urinary incontinence, diarrhea, weight loss, pale gums and weakness, according to Washington State University. Less common signs of kidney disease in cats include weakened bones, high blood pressure, sudden blindness, bleeding into the stomach, bruising of the skin and itchy skin, notes Washington State University. Treating feline kidney disease begins with determining the cause, and in severe cases, kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant may be warranted, according to Everyday Health. Lack of appetite and vomiting can also be caused by feline lower urinary tract disease, which often occurs in overweight or unfit cats and cats that consume dry food, explains WebMD. Stress, sudden changes and multi-cat households can also contribute to the development of feline lower urinary tract disease, according to WebMD.

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There are many reasons that you cat may be throwing up. The reasons can range from anything from a simple hairball or tummy ache, to a more serious disease that requires treatment
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Why Is My Cat Throwing Up & Not Eating?
Every once in a while a cat will get ill, often because of something he ate. While occasional sickness is not something to get too worried about, a prolonged or violent illness may be a cue to visit the vet.... More »
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