Why Is My Cat Throwing up and Not Eating?


Your cat is throwing up and not eating because it might have eaten some toxins such as antifreeze, aspirin or poisonous plants. In addition, it might be having inflammatory bowel disease and it is important that you see a veterinary.
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A slow transition from a cat's old food to the new is necessary for best results. If, at any time, the cat has loose stools or has started vomiting, slow the transition until the
Obvious, it's hungry.
1. If you have a kitchen table, hang little fake mice on stretchable string under the table. Ad. 2. Cats love dark and narrow spaces, so pull out the couch cushions and lean them
Many cats and dogs will vomit and then eat it. It smells and taste
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Why Is My Cat Throwing Up & Not Eating?
Every once in a while a cat will get ill, often because of something he ate. While occasional sickness is not something to get too worried about, a prolonged or violent illness may be a cue to visit the vet.... More »
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Grass is mainly fibre and the cat's stomach doesn't have the enzyme needed to digest it. However, grass can help a cat's digestive process by inducing vomiting ...
There are several things that may cause your cat to throw up form. First, the cat may be throwing up form because chronic renal failure. Other reasons include ...
A puppy that is throwing up and not eating is a very serious and dangerous issue. It is more than likely that the dog has the Parvovirus which can ultimately be ...
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