Why Is My Cat Urinating on My Bed?


There are different reasons why cats urinate on their owners bed including medical conditions such as arthritis, FLUTD, anal sac disease, and some forms of colitis, which cause pain urinating or defecating, may result in inappropriate elimination of urine. The other reason is that some cats may not like where their box is located; too close to their food or water, in a high traffic area, or on a different level of the house than where they spend most of their time.
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Why Is My Cat Urinating on My Bed?
If your cat suddenly starts to urinate outside of the litter box, it is usually a sign of another problem, such as a urinary tract infection. It may even signal emotional upset. In order to stop the behavior, it is necessary to find what is causing it.... More »
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Your cat is urinating on your bed because it is upset. It can also be a sign that the cat is ill or stressed. The other reason why your cat may be urinating on the bed is that it is not comfortable with the litter box position or even that the litter box itself.
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