Why Is My Dog Being Sick?


There could be one or a number of reasons why your dog is being sick. It's most likely that he/she has just eaten something he/she shouldn't, like grass or gone-off food, in which case he/she should be okay. Eating too much, too fast or travel sickness also cause vomiting. If there are other symptoms and the dog seems ill, consult your vet as the vomiting might be a sign that he/she is ill.
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Car sickness in dogs is caused by their inner ears being over-stimulated, which creates motion sickness. Puppies and younger dogs are susceptible to car sickness because their ears
did your dog have it's proper shots...could be as bad as parvo which can kill a dog. you need to get your dog to a vet fast....nothing you listed would cause the obvious pain it is
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Probably kuz he don't like excersise or he's old or both.
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Dogs may sometimes eat indigestible things that may remain in their stomachs and cause the dog to be continually sick. You may offer the dog small amounts of water to drink and then withhold food for at least four hours. If the symptoms persist, please see a veterinary physician as this may not always be the case.
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