My Dog Is Foaming at the Mouth?


Your dog may be foaming at the mouth from exerting a lot of energy, nausea, stress or anxiety as well as injury and tumors. It can also be caused by rabies, seizures, difficulty in swallowing and ingestion of a poison.
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There are a lot of reasons that dogs can foam at the mouth. If a dog gets infected with rabies the infection gets into the saliva glands, and it makes the dog salivate more. Also
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This is normally a result of the dog's state of mind rather than other dogs they
Dogs do not have the ability to sweat in order to control temperature and so they lose heat by panting and evaporating moisture from the tongue and mouth. The foam is simply a sign
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Your pug could be foaming at the mouth because has has had an encounter with a toad or other bug. This could also be a reaction to something that the dog has eaten ...
Reasons that may cause a dog to foam at the mouth include nausea, anxiety, exposure to foul-tasting substances, dental disease, metabolic disorders, poisoning ...
Dogs pant and let their tongues hang out of their mouth to regulate their body temperature, because they have fewer sweat glands than humans. However, several ...
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