Why Is My Dog Shaking Uncontrollably?


The condition wherein dogs are shaking uncontrollably is termed as shivering or tremor. It can occur due to drop in blood glucose level when they are hungry. It could also mean that they feel cold or frightened. Shivering may also be due to underlying illness affecting their brain, spinal cord, kidneys, and other organs.
Q&A Related to "Why Is My Dog Shaking Uncontrollably?"
Vet ASAP! Explain to them what is happening. If he is having a type of fit he may need medication.
There are diseases that can cause a dog to shake uncontrollably. Also, toxins he
Not medical advice: Some veterinarian said, kittens are shaking most likely just the wobbles from being a baby.
seizures probably. depends on what else they're doing. vomitting .then maybe it ingested something toxic. could be stroke. also, different breeds have neurological issues that could
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