Why Is My Dogs Hair Falling Out?


Dog's hair could fall out due to a number of reasons. If the hair loss is generalized, this will be an indication of a systemic problem. There are endocrine disorders like the hypothyroidism which are commonly associated with the loss of hair and so one should take the dog to a veterinarian.
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One variety of the Chinese Crested is naturally predominantly hairless. Abnormal hair loss on any part of the dog's body is known as alopecia. For some breeds, like the Chinese Crested
This is something common that Dogs do. It's kind of the same reason that they chase their tail or bury bones in the yard. It's just kind of what they do. It's called "shedding&
Watch out for puppy mange (see below for other possibilities) Puppies have a high propensity to be afflicted with demodectic mange due to their immature immune system. Demodectic
Dogs shed as the seasons change to grow coats to accommodate the warmer or colder weather.
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Why Is My Dog's Hair Falling Out?
Whether you own a show dog that must maintain an immaculate coat or you simply want your best friend to keep its good looks, determining the underlying cause of canine hair loss is necessary for taking steps toward getting it to grow back. Hair loss in... More »
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A normal reason for your dog's hair to be falling out is because all dogs naturally shed. A more serious reason why a dog's hair would fall out is because they might have mange and this needs to be treated. You can find more information here: http://www.vet.utk.edu/hairloss/
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