Why Is My Face so Itchy?


There could be a number of reasons why your face is so itchy; you could be suffering from perioral dermatitis or you could be having rosacea. You should get a qualified dermatologist to make a correct prognosis.
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1. Apply an aloe cream or gel to the itchy area of your facial skin. The aloe is going to help soothe and reduce the amount of itching you are experiencing. 2. Moisturize your skin
There are many causes for itching, these can include:- Skin conditions eg eczema Allergies (commonly to nickel or soap powder) Scabies Insect bites. Fungal infections (athletes foot
Either allergic or dry. Try applying moisturizing product which contain more water than other fancy ingredients.
Grass leaves often have rough "hairs" on them that can cause irritation to the skin. The points of the leaves are even sharp enough to cause some irritation and itchiness
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