Why Is My House so Dusty?


Your house could be excessively dusty due to pet fur, fibre from the carpets or from dead skin. The dust could also be from bedding, clothing and upholstery as well as from the outside. Dust can also be as a result of dirt tracked in the house from shoes or from unsealed return ductwork that runs through attics or in between walls. The ductwork sucks the dirty air and then blows it directly into your house.
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Every home has a few dust bunnies tucked away in a corner somewhere. Even the most pristine estate is unlikely to pass the white glove test. Dust particles quickly and easily creep
Peoples houses get dusty because of the dust in the air. Heavy traffic, wind,
1. Refrain from opening your windows. Although many people think opening their windows will bring in fresh air, it also brings pollen and other harmful particles into your home. Instead
Keep the filter on your furnace clean, all air goes through it up into your vents and if it's not clean it spouts dust into your home. You can also bet filters for your vents to cut
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You can get alot of dust from people going in and out of the house or from pets. Dogs are a big contributor to a dust problem, it can also be from air ducts in the home or fans. Try cleaning above all the blades on your ceiling fans or clean the blades on any fans you may have, also replace the filters or wash them if you have air conditioners. Open windows can bring alot of dust in as well.
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