Why Is My Ivy Plant Turning Brown?


There are many reasons why your ivy plant is turning. The most possible reasons are either you are putting too much water in it or it is placed in a container which does not properly drain its water. It could also be because of improper fertilization of your plant.
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Fungi on ivy causes the plant to turn brown. If your ivy plant has brown leaves and brown stems as well, a fungus may be present and you should thin the ivy to reduce density, pick
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avoid Miracle grow -use a better soil with compostable materials. set the drip system to water in the early morning only, mulch garden well, spray plants daily with a dish soap &
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Why Is My Ivy Plant Turning Brown?
Some ivy plants begin to wither for a variety of reasons, including fungi that appears as mildew. An ivy plant may not thrive during hot summer days because of its dense growth. Sometimes brown spots develop on the leaves followed by plant death in quick... More »
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