Why Is My Little Toe Numb?


There are many possible causes why your little toe is numb. These include inadequate blood supply to the toe or nerve damage. Infection, trauma, malignancy or inflammation could also cause numbness on your little toe. It is advisable to visit your GP to determine actual cause and proper treatment for this problem.
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Your toe could be numb for many reasons. It may be because you have not moved around for a bit. It could be due to poor circulation. It is also a symptoms of diabetes. For more information
Numbness is typically caused by interrupted nerve function.This can be induced by a disruption of blood flow to the area. (Resource 2) If the feet and toes are subjected to cold temperatures
Could be your siatic nerve is being pinched or rubbed. Or you may have a disc bulging and pinching or rubbing in your spinal cord. I had a bulging disc in my back a few years ago
Extremities like toes can go numb for a variety of reasons ranging from intermediate lack of
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Burning Sensation
Damage to or dysfunction in the nervous system, injuries, and nutritional deficiencies can cause burning sensations. Treatments are helpful in controlling pain. More »
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The reason as to why your toe feels numb and tickling may be due to numbness in the toes which is caused by poor circulation in the feet. Another reason may be ...
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Numbness in the toes can arise due to poor movement of blood in the feet or due to an injury in the toe. Cold conditions can also cause toes to feel numb, due ...
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