Why is my MSN not working?


MSN stands for Microsoft Network. If msn is not working error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. It should be fixed first immediately. Try re-downloading the install file, the file may be broken and possibly outdated. First download an msn working error repair tool, install this error repair tool. Scan you computer then click the repair all button again and you?re done.
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I don't know maybe because too many people are online or either you get on the site to much for too long so it may not work.
The latest version of Windows Live Messenger is available to download and install from explore.live.com. Launch the installation package and follow the instructions on screen to complete
there is a few things you can do. open msn to the page. click help >type in wireless.
this happened to me.it drives me NUTS!i had to uninstall then reinstall messenger then it worked fine hope this helps x
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This could be a result of the hotmail server being down or your computer could be experiencing registry problems. There is a msn is not working repair tool that you can download from the web which repairs it.
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