Why Is My Tropical Fish Swimming Upside down?


A tropical fish may swim upside down due to a loss of equilibrium, caused by swim bladder problems. The swim bladder is an air filled sac that helps the fish maintain balance when in the water, when the fish deflates or inflates it. There may be other causes though such as disease, so contact a veterinarian who can give the correct diagnose and solution.
Q&A Related to "Why Is My Tropical Fish Swimming Upside down"
It may like it. I've seen fish that look like they ARE upsidedown but they aren't mabey it could be one of them. I don't really know why it's swimming like that but if there are more
Sometimes fish swim upside down because of a ruptured swim bladder. You should
Hi Russell; If the cause of the problem is gas in the intestines and he is floating upside-down then peas should help. If not, then I need more information; What kind of food do you
I have a fish tank with tropical fish and this is one of the ongoing problems i have had! I am sotty to say it sounds like the fish is at the end of its life! Ii believe the technical
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