Why Is New York Called the Big Apple?


New York is called the big apple as there was a campaign in 1971 where volunteers handed apples to tourists. Also there was a man who criticised the disproportional amount of the nation's money New York City received annually in comparison to the economy as a tree with many roots. There is no official story to who came up with the original idea.
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Once a mystery, research has disclosed the history on this famous nick name. The Big Apple was first popularized in the 1920's as a nickname for NYC by John J. FitzGerald in a number
It isn't. New York City is called the Big Apple. The State is called the Empire State.
More: What Does "Broadway Theater" Mean? This commonly asked question got me wondering, why. do. we call New York City the Big Apple? While I've seen several apple trees
The Big Apple was first popularized as a reference to New York City by
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The phrase "big apple" originally denoted "something regarded as the most significant of its time," and was first applied to New York City in reference to its highly regarded horse racing circuit.
As a nickname for NYC, the phrase was popularized in 1970 as part of a campaign led by Charles Gillett of the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau.
New York is called the big apple was traced to the depression era apple vendors who popularised the name.
There are a variety of different theories on how New York City earned the nickname, The Big Apple, each with a certain amount of truth to them. The city officials did not officially take in the Big Apple moniker until 1971 although many residents and visitors had been using the nickname since the 1920s. The 1971 campaign to familiarize New York City as the Big Apple included volunteers handing out real apples to passing tourists.
The term 'Around the Big Apple' was given to the racing world in New York. Since then, New York is known as the Big Apple.
New York is called the Big Apple because of many jazz musicians played at a club called the Big Apple. It is also a metaphor for the term wealth. You can find more information here: http://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question14888.html
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