Why is Nike so successful?


Nike is one of the most popular brands in sportswear, shoes and equipment and has a worldwide presence with branches in over 160 countries. Its success is attributed to innovativeness well as competitive research to know what is selling in the market.
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One might say that Nike made "Just do it" so powerful with the sheer volume of resources and exposure it dedicated to the slogan. Could they have succeeded as much by giving
Nike has found lasting success through giving serious and consistent attention to three foundational pieces of their brand: Product. Nike has stayed true to their founding mission
Nike is a major publicly traded sportswear and equipment supplier based in the United States.
Probably because she won England a lot of wars and expanded the british empire. People got a lot a pressies from overseas. Always good for the economy.
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Nike means Victory, in Greek mythology, and was a goddess who personified victory throughout the ages of the ancient Greek culture. Nike officially named in 1978, is a leading shoe brand in the market with Adidas ranks,?Puma and Reebok to follow, but not in that specific order. In the late 90s of last century, the pace of growth gradually slowed down Nike but Knight later focused on the discipline and innovation, creativity and organization of the industry that brought it up back to speed thus making it the most successful consumer goods company.
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