Why is Peppermint Patty called Sir?


Peppermit Patty is a character in Charlie Brown.Patty first appeared in the strip by that name 'Sir' in 1971. She is called Sir by another character and closest friend Marcie due to her failing eye sight.
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Marcy calls Peppermint Patty Sir because she wants to be extra nice and
It is never explained and Schultz left it to speculation.
Peppermint Patty's constant companion, Marcie, calls her "Sir" and has since she first appeared in the strip by name in 1971. For a long time, this annoyed Peppermint Patty
"Patty Wagon" is based on the term "Paddy" (a common Irish shortening of Patrick), which was used (sometimes as derogatory slang) to refer to Irish people.
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