Why Is Platinum so Expensive?


Platinum is more expensive because it is rarer than gold although it is also more durable compared to gold thus requiring less upkeep.Patinum is also used in higher concentrations in jewellery and is nowadays combined with a member of its own family such as palladium making it even more expensive.
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Platinum is extremely expensive because it is a very rare metal. It is also very lustrous and beautiful, and it makes strong, non-corrosive jewelry.
Platinum is so expensive because it is so popular. Platinum is more rare than gold and it is more difficult to mine. There is more platinum used, for example a ring in platinum is 85% to 95% platinum but the same ring in gold is only a maximum of 75% gold. The other 5% to 15% is made up of alloy that is from the same family as platinum to keep it's white appearance. The final reason why it is more expensive is because platinum is heavier than gold and the price is calculated based on weight.
The reason why platinum is so expensive is because it is the most rare metalloid element on Earth. This makes it more expensive than gold and silver or any metalloid object.
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