Why Is Pollution a Problem?


Pollution has numerous effects on people and the environment as a whole. Air pollution, for example, has been known to negatively impact human health and cause burning eyes, coughs, breathing problems and even death. Water pollution on its part, can lead to the death of aquatic organisms due harmful to chemicals.
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Because all of the fumes can A, make greenhouse gasses and cause global warming, and B, can kill wildlife.
It is a world problem because the whole world contributes to the pollution that is
1. To help with air pollution problems you need to understand that the quality of the air we breathe matters. After all, if you have kids then you may one day have grand kids and
Shall we stop cutting the grass, or stop flying? Your questions appears to be somewhat sensationalist in nature given that I can cut my grass all summer long with 5 gallons of fuel
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Air pollution is destroying the earths ozone layer. Smoke from cars, airplanes, fireworks, factories, bombs, nuclear waste, trash, and fires all cause air pollution.
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