Why Is Reflex Arc Important?


In animals, the reflex arc refers to the neutral pathway that controls action response. Its importance is that it allows reflex action to react relatively faster by activating the spinal motor neurons in the spinal cord without the delay of routing signals through the brain. There are two types of reflex arc; somatic reflex arc (affecting muscles) and autonomic reflex arc (affecting inner organs).
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As reflexes are innate, we don't have to make a conscious decision when we perform a reflex. This saves precious seconds, because the signals bypass the brain, and is an evolutionary
A reflex arc starts off with receptors being excited. They then
For example papillary reflex enables accommodation of eyes for darkness which is inevitable for not being injured by a fall or for hunting a prey.
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A reflex arc is an involuntary response to a stimuli that does not involve the brain. The reflexive arc enables organisms to take rapid action against potential danger thereby increasing their survival chances.
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