Why is repetition important?


Repetition is important in reading, writing and speaking because it enhances the capacity of a person in regards to comprehension and linguistics. Constantly reading, writing and speaking with a certain language allows one to memorize and consistently pronounce words correctly. Repetition has always been a basic method used by instructors to encourage and enhance memory retention in their students.

Pets are constantly trained to do the same tricks over and over again to perform specific tasks when requested by their owners. Likewise, simple observation combined with repetition helps instill knowledge and skills in human beings. Constantly showing a child a certain color allows him to remember what the color is; the same thing happens when it comes to reading, writing and speaking. Repeatedly verbalizing a certain language allows people to learn the spoken or written words by heart. It is important to actually put into practice the information repeated in a formal classroom situation.

Repetition affects the brain by allowing it to retain the information being fed into it. The human brain is built in such a way that the more it is exposed to certain information or data, the higher the possibilities of it being able to retain the knowledge.

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